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The Jungle: Chapter 2 The Past Bleeds Red

Chapter 2: The Past Bleeds Red

I woke up early trying to get my mind right. I’m in charge of a dangerous and pointless meeting. The irrational thinking of my father led us all to this point. As my eyes become glossy with tears, I vividly remember Bako’s suit as he laid in his casket. When I saw him that last time, everything paused. All the dreams we had rushed back. Now I have to live those dreams out for him. Either win the battle or runaway to a distance land and start anew.

The verse I stumbled across today was Matthew 5:44. “But do say to you, love your enemies. Pray for those who hurt you.” My face frowned up thinking about this passage. Absalom did more then just hurt me, he hurt my whole town. Down the block our team was meeting, the hour is ticking until we attack.

The ride to the meeting hall, the only thing I thought about was how it would feel to kill Absalom. “Toby.” When my dad said my name it made me jump a little and he chuckled. “Son, I did not mean to shock you, just wanted to chat.” I wasn’t expecting a story time, so I straightened up and tried my best to focus to what my dad was about to preach to me.

He went on to tell me about his youth. When he was nine – years – old, my Uncle Azi and him were playing futbol in the streets. They grew up admiring PelΓ©, Sandro Mazzola, and EusΓ©bio. They were playing futbol in the streets when they saw a trail of blood and heard gut quenching screams. Like any young ruffled haired boy, they unwisely went toward the chaos. What they stumbled upon made their mouths drop and they stood there frozen. This large man, standing 6’7 about 280 pounds was pulverizing this man’s face in. They saw the whole theatrics play out. He then put his bear like hands on the man’s throat. The man kicked and pawed at the man but he did not loosen his grips. Finally he dropped him like a heap of potatoes leaving him lifeless like the dirt he fell upon. Slowly his gaze looked up. Hair drooping over his eyes, black cloth mask on his mouth, all you could see was some of the red of his left eye. “You boys came right on time. You want to be next.” The man’s voice sounded like thunder.He then took out a katana sword from his long bag that slung across his body. My father and Uncle snapped out of their trance and ran throughout out the neighborhood back to their town. The man stopped as he reached the trees, peering through with red piercing eyes and an evil grin. The two brothers saw him and anger swept across their face and the village hearts broke. Like my father told me the other night, the fight was brought to them.

“Fahter I never heard this story before. I thought grandfather died from a heart attack.” My voice cracked as I spoke, trying to wrap my head around what I just found out. All this time I thought this was was for no reason, now I know. This is the first time I seen my dad cry and to be honest, he is stronger now than ever before. “Son none of us wanted this war. Your mother and me kept things away from you all to preserve your joy and innocence. Yes you were in a battle without knowing why, but that is life at times. But now is time for you to know. The man who killed your grandfather, my dad is none other then Faruq Okafor. He is Aminu Okafor’s Father. Absalom is his son.” My dad spoke with a slight tremble to his voice.

I wanted to say something but my mouth would not open. My thoughts danced around as I tried to wrap my head around what I just heard. The Okafor’s are the reason for this war, they are the reason for Bako’s untimely death. The only thought going through my mind is revenge and guilt. I should have went to the store with Bako that day but I told him I had to write my story. All I did was watch movies while my brother was gunned down.The unfortunate truth about the past is that once it is written, it cannot be unwritten. 

Finally, we pulled up to the meeting hall. As we got out the van, we were welcomed by cheers. Men, women, and teens fighting with us cheered us on. I saw the children we saved from Lamlech, now they are teens freely choosing to fight with us. We went over and hugged them and we were about to cry. I continued to walk with father through the crowd. He stopped me at the podium and reach down for this box. What is going on?  He opened it and inside was a dark purple cloak and a brown wooden staff. He looked up and his glossy eyes showed that of a father’s love and approval. “First son I want to say sorry for how I spoke to you last night. This world is an evil place at times and I did not want harm to come toward you. The day before your brother psssed, he gave this cloak and staff back to me. I asked him why he was doing it, I was very confused. He told me that when the sun sets on his time that you will be the one to lead us to the Promise Land. After that, that night I was searching for answers and stumbled across this book. As I opened it, the pages opened up to that of a man named Moses. I couldn’t put it down. Although his mistake caused him not to enter the Promise Land, he still saw it. Your brother did not want to make that same mistake. He wanted to be patient and listen to God. I gave my life to God that night then the next day Bako died. I was at a crossroad, I wanted to curse God and prove that I never needed him but I couldn’t do it. Something deep down told me that it was true and that Bako is going to see the land through you. So this cloak symbolizes royalty and the staff symbolizes a leader with the heart like a Lion but – also – a heart of a dove. Son I will go to any battle with you.” After he spoke he did the craziest thing, he knelt down in front me. 

Time froze for a moment as my father was kneeling there, tears hitting the ground.His hands holding up the cloak and staff before me. Others joined in with cheers and crying. Yet I heard none of it. I was not worthy enough to recieve this. My father accepted Jesus into his life. My mind is spinning, I feel sick. Time came back and I grabbed the cloak and staff from my father’s hands. He quickly stood to his feet and brought me in for a hug. I can’t remember how warm and comforting his hugs were, this one made me feel as if I was — worth something more. Tears leaking out of both of our eyes, we looked at each other no words said but nodded. We on the same page already. I turned to go up the steps of the podium and before I spoke I wiped my eyes.

“Hey family, we are not crying it’s just something in our eyes.” Everybody laughed and that helped me breathe a little. “So here we are. Nobody wants this war but yet we are still in one. I know that some of you do not believe in God but that’s none of my business. In 2 Chronicles King Jehoshaphat was going through what we are facing now. He needed answers, he wanted a victory. Did he retreat? No he did not. He spoke to God and God said, “But you will not even need to fight. Take your positions; than stand still and watch the Lord’s victory.” Don’t you all want that, to be able to chill and watch the victory.” Again cheers and laughter broke out. “You who are laughing now will eat your words and your laughter. It does not tell us that when we are lazy we will see a victory. No far from that. Jehoshaphat had to make an action. He had to stand and walk to the battle. We must do the same, whatever we do in life we have to do it unto the Lord. The Okafor family and there allies are not ready for this. We must stand together, we must fight, we must watch the Lord’s victory. Thank you.” As I walked off the stage there was a mixture of cheers and boos but I was in a group consisting of my Uncle, my father, my cousin Banjoko and his sister Oluchi. This man shouted out, “You are ridiculous if you think God is real and you will never be a true leader.” My dad and I smirked, like man come on we are the ones that help your family eat.

Bako my brother we will bring our families and friends to the Promise Land. Whoever is against us will be wiped away.





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The Jungle

Read along with the audio of chapter one above πŸŽ€πŸŽ¬β¬†οΈ Practicing voiceovers so comment below how I should change my style in the upcoming chapters β¬‡οΈβ¬‡οΈπŸ’―

Chapter 1: The Jungle doesn’t forgive

We grew up here. Every night is a nightmare and the days are the same. Once I woke up to gunfire and my family had to be on the run. “Toby we must survive, you have to learn the way.” My father Toku said this while handing me an assault rifle. I was ten years old. Ten years old! In the midst of this Civil War we lost so much. Just this last week while going to school my brother was gunned down. I was woken up by my younger sister Anwuli, “Toby, wake up! Bako was gunned down by Absalom.” Tears stung her eyes and I felt like I was in a nightmare. My breathing cut short as I tried to comfort my sister, hugging her patting her back rubbing her hair. My tears stayed inside but I felt a fire like pain on the inside.

Bako was strong willed and an older brother that paved the way. He taught me a lot more than just shooting and fighting. He taught me about life and wisdom. “Toby this war is senseless. We are killing ourselves and for what? We don’t make the guns, the pale people give them to us. They come and pretend to help us find peace but label us as if we are monsters, as we use what they gave us. There is more to life then fighting. Live laugh with love.” My brother told me this as we were on a raid of a city called Lamlech. We were sent in to attack the people but instead we went against protocol and saved some of the Lamlech children being trained as child soldiers. We brought them back to our village and after that our people outcasted us. My family kicked us out for a while and here we are talking. I admired him and now I’m angered. Bako is this what you wanted! Where is the love big brother!!! Where is the peace you preached!! I just don’t know.

Slowly I rose to my feet. Anwuli still clinging to my body, I felt like a zombie. “Big brother what are we going to do?” My sister asked looking at me with teary innocent eyes. I wanted to talk right away but my throat felt as if thorns were piercing it. I managed to say, “Anwuli…. we will get through this.” Half truth to what I was saying by instinct. It’s going to be a fight and truthfully I just want to lay and cry.

Downstairs our family had a quiet dinner. All you could hear was utensils clicking our plates as we ate. The silence was dreadful.  My father was the one to break the silence and I’m not surprised. Before he spoke he  cleared his throat and we looked at him. My face bore no emotions. “Family it has been a weak since Bako’s death and it’s time to fight back. Toby you’re going to be in charge for this mission.” After my father spoke he went right back to eating as if the silence was not interrupted. My mouth dropped and my eyes met that of my mother’s and sister’s. “Toku is this the best thing to do right now.” My mother questioned my father and I was getting nauseous. My father’s face grew with firy anger. “Sade our son, their brother was killed by the hands of a evil man!  If you sit so be it! Toby what about you?” Father spoke with a venomous growl. Now I’m in the hotseat. What should I do? I can’t move, can hardly think. “Dad, I don’t think we should not right now. Bako preached about love and what if it is time for us to all change.” I tried my best to pitch my best shot, it felt like I was about to pass out. My father did not buy into my way of thinking.

 “Love what does that have to do with anything? That was Bako’s one flaw, he loved our enemies almost more than us! I’m not having two soft sons. Either you help us fight or the fight comes to you.” My father roared as he slammed his bear hands on the table making us jump. He left to go to his office leaving us with our own daunting thoughts.

Anwuli tried her best to comfort me. “Hey you’re right Toby. Love  can be the way but you have to lead us all to it. We won’t be void of fighting but it’s the price we must pay to get to peace.” Our mother nodded her head and I was thankful for what was said. It allowed me to breath move easily. I smiled kissed their cheeks and they jokingly shoed me away. Retrimg to bed I took a banana and found the secret spot where I placed my Bible. Bako gave it to me and at first I wondered what it was. I was ten when he gave it to me and ever since we had our private services. Our family is atheist and even now with what happened my faith is slightly dwindling. Hopefully the love God is offerimf prevails, but anger and devotion to my father is keeping me caged. God what would you do if you were me?

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Cereal First or Milk

Recently I took on this heavily debated topic on my podcast. I think this weaves out the psychos in society. I’m gonna state my reasons why I like cereal first before milk.

1. It’s the right way to do it- first off who in they right lovin’ mind would not put cereal in there first.

2. The Cereal is not used to milk- cereal is like humans, they may associate with liquid but are not surrounded by liquid. So if you put the milk first you are preparing to kill the cereal and I’m not hear for it. The cereal being first always them to adapt to their environment and welcome the milk into there home. Don’t you dare assault the cereal!!

3. You a straight foo if don’t follow my rule – Do not put milk first. If you do you will get a whoopin’ πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ώ. That’s why these kids cutting up cause they parents putting milk in the bowl first. These kids come to my job and I got to teach them the ropes. If I come to yo house and you put milk in their bowl before the cereal I’m calling DCSP (Don’t Create Simple People) and they gonna spank you. Your kids gonna be simple if they don’t dine and wine with cereal before milk.

Oh ya… go follow my podcast and support the move if you ain’t with the foolery πŸ€ͺ LBS (Laughing Butts πŸ‘ Seriously 😐😐)

Let me know what you want me to talk about on here and on my podcast. Comment below β¬‡οΈβ¬‡οΈπŸ’―





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The Bobby Caldwell Show πŸ‘΄πŸ½

Check out my podcast, The Bobby Caldwell Show , on https://anchor.fm/airmike4life, https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-bobby-caldwell-show/id1474471072, https://open.spotify.com/show/5Z4bJc1HBWJfPQr4MyNCa2, and https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy9jZjdmNjI4L3BvZGNhc3QvcnNz to name a few.

This is an update. Anchor the app I’m using is FREE and everything is in one place. So it’s easy to use. Go subscribe to my Anchor podcast show and so support to yo brotha! Love y’all ❀️😊

Shoot me ideas you would like Bobby to y’all about. Remember it’s a kid/family show.

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Oh You Big Sick

We all been sick right. You had some type of medicine your momma would give you to make your tum tum feel better. Welp, along with some folks I know we had slightly different medication. For this post, we talking bout when you’re throwing up.

3 Medicines:

  1. Ginger Ale: This is the trademark drink for majority of us brown skin, mocha drink looking folk. Whoever made this is a genius. It might not settle your stomach right away.Β  Give it a day or two and that sucka punching the sickness out (and it has a good taste). The strong and sweet sugary taste is a great combo.
  2. Gatorade: The electrolytes are needed in our body and drinking Gatorade, I ain’t no scientist but from the folks I associate with told me to tell you that it adds it back into your body. I prefer either Gatorade Frost or Gatorade Glacier (Yes blue is my favorite color). My mom would tell me to crackers and something solid but right off the back, I try to resist it because I need the Gatorade to pull on through.
  3. Chicken Noodle Broth: You all might have used this, I love it. Even if I cannot keep anything solid down, this is a good start. When I get super sick, I get super sick! The broth before I eat noodles is my ultimate attempt to get back to normalcy.

There are a lot more medicines to roll with, but these are the three I’m used to and can remember. If you have a wacky medicine trick to sickness, please comment below and let’s help each other get healthy again.

As always this is your nephew, cousin, brother, friend from the block, Gatorade with the orange top, flick to with the wrist, Big Mike with the medicine tricks to make your body right. God bless y’all! Like.Follow.Share.

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Lessons Learned from Tom and Jerry!🐱🐭

Let’s start by clearing up the debate…. Tom and Jerry is the best cartoon of all-time hands down.

Want more reasons as to why they are the best? Well great for you, you came to the best blog to find out why.

See many cartoon have lesson within them. Although the lessons I’m about to speak on may be wacky, I believe that are true.

Tom and Jerry’s Life Lessons:

  1. Don’t talk about it be about – Here’s the scope, they didn’t talk. If they did, it was mostly Tom with short dialogues or when he would sing. This quote signifies that some times, things are on sight. Yes I am fighting, spanking, blah blah blah. They were 100% About their beef.  They were some class A con artist and were toe – to – toe. Maybe this would be good for you when you go for that next interview. Do not just talk about why you are the best choice, Be the best choice.  So on sight, show them why they should choose you over somebody else.
  2. Got to secure the bag – In Jerry’s case cheese.  There will be doors that will be closed in your life and some doors that God will open, at the right season. Jerry knew this and he was wise. Yes, he got caught at times but that was because he got prideful and chose to move out of season. Be patient when it is time to secure the bag and wait for God to move. When God opens those refrigerator doors with loads of food for your soul, seize the moment and secure your bag (or cheese). Let me warn you, that there are adversaries (Tom the Cat) that do not want you to prosper. Simply prepare yourself for this battle and use your David slingshot to take that Giant down! The road is narrow and that mouse-hole definitely is. Your adversaries are going on wide roads, they can’t fit on your narrow roads if you do not invite them to.
  3. Make a plan – Many times, Tom and Jerry had to make plans. They had to know when to move and when not to. Jerry is my favorite character of the show, but at times Tom out smarted him. There was this one episode where the home owner wanted Tom and this other cat to catch Jerry.  Jerry played them both as fools and at the end of the show but both of the cats accidentally whacked the lady’s romped thinking that the other was still wearing her night ware. Man oh man, she tore they tails up πŸ˜‚.
  4. Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder – Tommy boy could sing. Y’all know that episode where he song  “Is You or is your ain’t my Baby.” That lil lady was digging the gig. Even though he impressed her, Jerry was ready and messed up the moment. Jerry had some cute little lady friends as well. They had to keep staying focus on their rivalry and the ones they wanted to be in their corner.
  1. Now you about to make Tom and Jerry your favorite cartoon show as well. As always, this is your friend, cousin, nephew, dude from the block, the one with the step back shot, the best blog on the net. Till next time y’all, peace!
  2. Don’ t forget to join the convo and comment your top cartoon shows and debate, but keep it G-PG family oriented.  ⬇⬇